Crown Princess of the world

Thursday evening – the best time of the week. Friday, Saturday AND Sunday stretch before me. 100% possibility 0% regret. I am not yet the Queen of the World (that comes tomorrow evening), but I am the Crown Princess tonight. In some ways, it’s even better than being Queen (especially when you know you WILL have your coronation in less than 24 hours!)

The dream starts disintegrating past midnight on Saturday night. By Sunday mid-afternoon, there’s the realization (for the th 500th time) that week-ends aren’t “life-altering phases” – just 2 days when you do your grocery shopping, the cooking, the laundry, and the cleaning. By Sunday evening, the great week end dream has burnt itself out to cinders, and there’s not even the possibility of a phoenix rising from the ashes… But come thurday, rise it does – again and again. Thank god I suck at learning from history!

Let me take my pleasures while they last. Sunday’s just round the corner…


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