Prime time swearing, sex, violence, & tons of other goodies!

Just got HBO!!! Gave in to temptation, and succumbed to the 1/2 price scam… Have a feeling that I’ll not have the heart to cancel the service a few months from now, when the “deal” ends, but for the next few months, blissssssssssssss 🙂
I will continue later. Bill Maher & Larry David await…


2 comments so far

  1. The ramblings of a shoe fiend on

    long live hbo! loved your post on letter writing! haven’t got one myself since… can’t remember! it’s been that long

  2. DoZ on

    Thank you, shoe fiend! I loved your post abt trading your spouse in for books. Has to be more than one book, obviously. Don’t have a spouse yet, but that’s because Cupid already knows of my nefarious plan 😉

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