My first sonnet

Who am I?

How inventive! How unobvious!
How superior to all that prevails!
Exclaim the green-tinted envious,
Even as I preen, revealing all my glorious details.

Backed by official sanction,
I claim dominion over an exact kingdom,
And seek to confer protection
From knaves who dare infringe upon this fiefdom.

My creation is anything but ordinary.
For I am trimmed with the choicest red tape
And although bounteous goodness accrues to my signatory,
‘Tis an experience that leaves your battered mind nowhere near shipshape

Am I some crafty diplomatic agreement?
No. Merely a regular utility patent.


Yeah, I was supposed to be gone for a month. But, vanity is an exacting mistress. Not that the above is anything to be particularly proud of… It was the only enjoyable part of a rather excruciating experience of writing & submitting (if you’ve done this, you’ll know why “submitting” deserves a separate mention) two patent applications. That is what I’ve done over the last couple of weeks. It was, as I said, a completely painful experience. I had to exorcise the stress one way or the other, and bad poetry seemed as good an idea as any other. Wow, that rhymed! Bear with me – I am new to this & easily pleased 🙂


3 comments so far

  1. janet97maegan on

    Just passing by your blog and though you’d like this website.

  2. Manoj on

    I know of just one sonnet I was forced to appreciate in Class X. The Bard’s. (I’m lame, so I have to call him that too). So your post set me sonnet-hunting when I discover that the ancient ass has written like 154 of them. O Bill, you prolific bastard.
    Anyway, kudos on the patents. And I’m so glad you didn’t make this a tag. 🙂

    Thanks for that link, Maegan. I’d be sure to pass it on to more spammers.

  3. DoZ on

    Thank you, Manoj 🙂 It doesn’t surprise me that nostalgia is a positive emotion… Our brain successfully supresses every traumatic experience & gives it a sugar coat to boot – ‘cuz, now when I think abt the 2 weeks when I worked on those damn patents, I just have a vague feeling of satisfaction. I know that back then, I was prepared to commit murder or suicide or both. At any rate, am glad it’s over & I no longer have to write legalese.

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