Saving grace

Harry Potterum Maya Theekoppayum. Seems to be doing good business in Madras. Thank God for small mercies. Maya Theekoppay? The mind boggles at the thought of the Tamil versions of polyjuice potion and Bulgarian horntails and even He Who Must Not Be Named…

And here, I was disappointed with the English version. At least I understood what was going on. With the Tamil version, I’d need subtitles.


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  1. Manoj on

    “He Who Must Not Be Named” :)))
    Just the thought of the Tamizh version makes me laugh.
    Avan Evan Paeyarai Solla Koodadho?

    Even worse, Quidditch would probably sound like some Tamizh cuss-word.

    (My HP@IMAX plan postponed…!@#$%^&)

  2. DoZ on

    aww… Too bad. For all my trashing the movie, guess you should still watch it… Hope you get to, soon.
    The Tamil version – I tried to come up with the equivalent for He who must not be named & failed. Thanks for the contribution.

    Would they subsititute Madras Tamizh for British slang, you think? My eyes glaze over at all the ‘snogging’ that there is in Book #6.

    Would Winky sound like a Madras servant maid? Would the Hindi one sound like a Bai? Oh God, I’ve to stop now if I wish to have any hope of sleeping tonight…

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