Going major league – for a while

As much as it pains me to use a sporting terminology, I console myself with the fact that using the term does not mean I know any more about baseball (if the term is to do with baseball in the first place, and it may not…in which case I feel greatly reassured.)

Enough beating around the bush. I will be blogging for Stochastica for the next few weeks, or until Karthik’s regular readers bribe him into coming back sooner from Sepia Mutiny, which ever happens earlier. In the interests of efficiency, I will merely copy/paste my posts. Efficiency, ha! I just want to pretend that I have hordes of readers who shun all blogs other than this, and would go into a nasty withdrawal phase if I ignored them for a while. As for the regular readers of Stochastica – hang in there, for this too shall pass.


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