From Denmark to Kolkata? Or Affair of the Danish Cartoons: Part Deux

A friend sent this link today. Possibly realizing that I might object to the source, he backed it up with another source. Yes, I realize that the information is still open to question, but still.

Initially, I was too disgusted to react. For, even if one ignores her, er, peccadilloes (takes Herculean effort, but it is possible), let us remember that this is the person Robert Redford doesn’t even want around a film festival. A few hours later, I am more tired than disgusted. I do not look forward to the reams of newsprint we will use up writing about this new controversy, if it does indeed turn out to be a controversy. Will there be protests? Will the same director offer to cast, oh I don’t know, Snoop Dogg as Vivekananda to prove the point that he isn’t out to target a specific religion, but that his craving for attention is secular?

This could start a whole trend, and given the number of religions, we could spend the better part of this century insulting them one at a time. By the time we’re done with all of them, it’ll be time to start again. Anything to keep us from thinking about real problems. Sounds like a plan.


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  1. Manoj on

    If this is true, then it’s obvious RajeevNath is not a webjunkie. The reasoning that “he got the idea to cast Paris after being impressed by her refusal to strip for Playboy” can easily be blown to bits by sending him an email with just these words.
    Google.Paris Hilton.Video.
    Or screw that, I’ll send him a clip myself. 😉

  2. DoZ on

    The part that really got my guts was that line about her being a respected actress… God forbid the lady makes it big in India, will we have a temple for her? Who’d have though Paris Hilton would be the one force who unites all religions?

  3. Karthik on

    Uh, I dont know what you guys are going on about – I could see a lot of potential in that video.

    Unless we saw different videos of course – in that case, Manoj: you know my email id.

  4. Falstaff on

    Fortunately, I think there’s very little risk that Ms. Hilton will agree to do the role. I mean, think about it, this would involve mingling with, like, poor people and all. In, like, India. And having, like, wrinkles on her face and stuff. And wearing clothes. Hardly, I would think Ms. Hilton’s cup of cranberry flavoured tea.

    What they really need to do if they want to get her to act in it is to get Dior to do the outfits

  5. DoZ on

    Falstaff: nice one.
    I am just tired of these crazy folks who try so hard to grab attention… Running a blog, I am one of these people myself. But you do want some variety in the world.

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