Defense against demons

I felt utterly happy today, weak-kneed with relief,
Mellow with satisfaction, even hopeful about the future.
It wasn’t the sort of happiness that makes one
Shout out aloud from rooftops for all to hear,
Or grin like a fool for you to see.

I meant to savor the emotion in private,
As I do that Thurber cartoon you never quite get.
I called you anyway,
Because I felt utterly happy and wanted to hear your voice.
And because I thought my secret made me invincible.

Somewhere between talk of remorseful Shinagawa monkeys
And remorseless vice presidents, I forgot I had a secret.
Reality and my old demons steeped in,
Like color from a tea bag, turning my mood dark.
Even a tea cup typhoon has its share of heartbreak.

I lie on my bed, thinking about today.
Somewhere between thoughts of you,
Of Shinagawa monkeys and my demons,
I remember my secret, and my happniess returns,
As does my invincibility.

I fall asleep wondering what makes me invincible?
My secret, those monkeys or you?


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