About DoZ:
Indian. Regarded as dyed-in-the-wool Madrasi by Delhiites, and as confused-Delhiite-who-valiantly-attempts-conversations-in-Tamil by Madrasis. Is a new New Yorker, who is yet to meet the important challenge of having a life. A recent resident of Dallas, DoZ is more used to the idea of not having one. Spends spare time dreaming of becoming an important member of self-important consulting firm, while actually being somewhat less important than a plankton in said firm.

Activities / Food / People that are sacred to DoZ:
The Sunday paper, followed by the Sunday siesta. Week end crib sessions with friends.

Puliyodharai. Thair Saadam.

Vikram Seth, P.G. Wodehouse, Kazuo Ishiguro, James Thurber.

Movies I love:
Shawshank Redemption (which inspired DoZ’s blog-identity), The BirdCage, Michael Madana Kamaraj, Dum Dum Dum.

Life before WordPress:
Started out at Dreaming of Zihuatanejo (http://booksmovieslife.blogspot.com/). Continues to post there.

Email:booksmovieslife [at] gmail [dot] com


13 comments so far

  1. sudha on

    New York will be a totally different thingy from Texas :). I feel very ignorant that i dont recognize all the authors you have mentioned here, will add them to my never ending ToDo list, i guess ..

  2. booksmovieslife on

    I finally moved to New York, and yes – it is very different from Texas. Thank goodness for that!

    And happy reading!

  3. J. Alfred Prufrock on

    Never spotted this little hide-away before. Shall be back.


  4. Panagiote on

    Sorry 😦

  5. Sotirios on


  6. Gustas on


  7. pkpingupg on

    Regarded as dyed-in-the-wool Madrasi by Delhiites, and as confused-Delhiite-who-valiantly-attempts-conversations-in-Tamil by Madrasis.

    Felt like someone had just described me!

    Read your post on libraries and books…loved it.

    While hatching a plan to escape from life
    I’ve been attempting to pull off a Houdini-like stunt for many years now…I wake up each morning,take a stroll through the lawns of Blandings Castle,sometimes stopping by the Empress’s sty to toss a potato over the railing…and for lunch I’m over at Brinkley Court experiencing the culinary magic of Anatole’s Nonettes de poulet Agnès Sorel…and for dinner I’m back home eating Amma’s sambhar,rasam,thayir saadham…

  8. Achilles on


  9. Sophocles on


  10. Dionysios on


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  12. waven on

    I scrolled down to read your entries while the page was loading and added you to my blogroll (due in no small part to the phrase “…a curmudgeon from birth…”) before even reading the title. Which finally caught my eye and, simultaneously, my breath. I’m also quite the fan of Shawshank Redemption. Good to know I’m not the only one Dreaming of Zihuatanejo. 🙂

  13. sudha on

    doZ, where have you been? Long long time, no posts!

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